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Weddings and Events are back!

With the gradual easing of lockdown we are starting to receive new enquiries for weddings and events this year which is great news for everyone (including all of us at Black Cat Floral Design!). For existing customers who chose to postpone weddings or other special events, please get in touch whenever is convenient to discuss your revised plans with us.

We have seen an impact on flower availability and pricing due to COVID-19 as international growers and supply chains have struggled with the virus. We are still reviewing the additional damage that Brexit may have on wholesale prices but this has been difficult to assess due to the global pandemic. There is an interesting article here providing some more information on what is happening with flower pricing in 2021 – https://www.theflorist.co.uk/the-florist-magazine-news/2986-what-price-flowers-why-so-expensive

Despite the situation we have all found ourselves in, at last it seems that things are starting to improve and with the vaccination programme in full swing we are looking forward to getting back to what we do best – creating special flowers for special occasions!

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